Monday, May 1, 2006

Dangerous Women

Dangerous Women

We knew them when we saw them,
the ones our mothers
warned us about,
sauntering down our
bare suburban afternoons,
their Marilyn skirts drifting upwards,
lifted by the
light-fingered breeze.

Oh for breasts that touched the sky
at those impossible angles!

If you’d pull two pins, their hair
would tumble down in waves enough
to drown a man’s resolve
and leave him
to all the saltier commandments.

(In our mirrors we postured, practicing,
while the grandmothers clucked their tongues.)

When they passed, we sucked in the
hot scents of Opium
and Taboo—and watched
the boys we wanted to know

Originally published in Penguin Review, Spring 2006

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